A perioscope is a tiny camera with its own light source, similar to the endoscope used by your perioscope machinephysician, but without the necessity of a surgical procedure. The perioscope, when inserted into a pocket around your tooth of 4mm or more, allows Dr. Reidy or the hygienist to actually view the structures and conditions under the gum and on your tooth’s root surface at 48 times magnification.

The entire machine is large, with a viewing screen, light source and a water source.

The tip that is inserted under your gumline is small, contains a miniature camera and conducts light and water to keep the unit cooled.

Using the perioscope allows your dental professional to examine the root for hairline fractures, decay and deposits that contribute to periodontal disease.

Its use also allows the operator to see inflamed tissue present in periodontal disease.

miniature camera for procedures

In addition, the direct vision provided allows the clinician to remove deposits that are present, using a dental instrument.

The procedure takes approximately 1½ to 2 hours, sometimes longer, dependent upon the reason for the procedure. The procedure is not uncomfortable because it is usually done with a local anesthetic.

The goal of using perioscopy is to diagnose or even treat the cause of the deepening pocket around your tooth without undergoing a surgical procedure to fold the tissue away from the tooth to get direct vision of the root and pocket area.

A perioscopy is not useful in all situations. Dr. Reidy will be able to recommend the treatment to you if she feels it is the best option for your particular condition.close up of tooth with disease

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