emdogain gelEmdogain is a biology based, pre-mixed gel that promotes re-growth of hard and soft tissues that have been lost due to periodontal disease. It is administered by syringe. It is used in conjunction with a periodontal surgical procedure.

Emdogain is based on treated enamel proteins taken from developing pig teeth. The proteins are administered in a sterilized solution. The safety of Emdogain is completely documented. There has never been any kind of reaction or disease transmission reported.

After the defect has been exposed by a surgical incision, and the area cleaned of any inflamed or diseased tissue or hard deposits, Emdogain is used to help the tissues repair themselves. It is a pre-mixed gel that is inserted by syringe into the defect area.

Emdogain is made up of proteins that will align themselves to create a matrix, a scaffold-like structure, which will attract special cells necessary for repair of the defect. The Emdogain material is recognized by the body as belonging and therefore not rejected. It will be completely resorbed by the body.

After about two weeks, 75% of the tooth surface is covered with the newly developing tooth tissues. The attachment and supporting structures begin to reattach themselves to help in stability of the tooth. The new tissues will not be completely mature for one year. For this reason, the area where Emodgain is used should not be probed for a period of 6 months.

Emdogain can also be used with soft tissue, gum, defects.

Emdogain is not suitable for all defects. Dr. Reidy will discuss with you whether it can be used in your situation.

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